Stand Up Comedy Page

After selling 5 pages to the Jimmy Kimmel show, Aldo decided to move from being funny in front of the computer

Typing and move it to the Stage. After the First time on stage it was like being home! After growing up with 5

Brothers in an Italian household you now how to take heckles!

Aldo has set his mind on Figuring out what makes Women Tick, Love and want Relationships!

In his search for Ultimate Wisdom and Cracking the Code to Women Aldo spent Hours and Hours of Reading and Studying…ok, ok

Maybe just looking at the Pictures! And becoming a true “COSMO Girl…GUY”

ALDO has drawn from his Upbringing, Heritage, Life Experience and Cosmo

to Now: TEACH, GUIDE and ENLIGHTEN others

Learn from Aldo and Learn How to; Treat a Woman Listen to a Woman

Feed a Woman, Listen to a Woman Talk to a Woman, Listen to a Woman, Listen to a Woman,

Please a Women, by Listening to her Learn what Relationships are all about! Is it for You!? And what your Options are!

Weather you learn Anything or Not…

A Evening with ALDO is a truly Fun and Entertaining! …Weather it ends with Dinner or Coffee the next morning!